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Healthy Eating Recipes For Kids

These days it’s hard to find something fun for kids to eat that is:

  1. Healthy
  2. Quick to make
  3. Tasty

Most supermarkets have snack pack ideas crammed with sugar, oils and other things you can’t even pronounce. Here’s a few tips on how your kids can eat a good balanced diet from a young age. Note that sometimes it is okay to eat chocolate cake for breakfast because as they say… you only live once and kids need some fun.

So, how do you compete with the bright lights of McDonalds? You don’t, you join them. Create your own takeaway menu at home for the school term.

Sit down and start creating. Create a logo because kids (like adults) associate labels to things. Create your own logo they will be proud of and associate with good food.

Work out what meals will be for home, in the car, at school, and which ones you will be creating for takeaway. This way you can divide the choices up easily. Remember not every meal has to follow this because after all takeaway is a “sometimes” thing.

Choose 5 recipes (you can add more later) that you want to make. They need to be fun and quick as you don’t want to be making these all the time.

Now to choose packaging. In marketing, packaging an item is a skill. You want something fun but practical, so look at how restaurants package up meals together and come up with some ways to copy them. This could involve creating bento boxes, or buying cheap Chinese noodle boxes. Remember to also create a sticker with your logo on it. These can be designed and printed for less than $15 by companies like Vistaprint.

healthypizzaOnce your takeaway company is ready to go, sort out your production line and who is going to be helping with cooking and cleaning on which days.

Take the kids with you shopping! This can sometimes feel like a nightmare but it gets them used to the habit of passing the chocolate aisle and going straight to the vegetables. No time to shop with the kids? No problem, jump online with them and look at your chosen stores website and do a virtual shop there, and then you can go and pick out what they chose.

To start you on this journey I have written down a recipe from the CSIRO recipe book.

Chicken tomato and zucchini pizza (choose which veggies you like)

  • 4 small whole meal pita breads
  • 1/3 cup tomato paste
  • 2 teaspoons Greek oregano
  • Veggies of the kids choosing
  • 400 grams chicken sliced.
  • 100g feta or mozzarella
  • spinach or rocket 1 1/13 cups
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Put on all toppings and bake for 10 minutes.

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