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Safe Social Networking Sites for Kids

1Nowadays, many kids draw little distinction between online life and real life. Popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are designed to be used by people who are above the age of 13 years because they don’t provide a safe environment for children. According to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), children under the age of 13 years are not allowed to open accounts in some websites. But many children bypass this law even on sites that enforce it by simply adjusting their birthday. It is very clear that many kids want to access social media and evidence suggests that they will do so even if it means going against COPPA. But are there social networking sites for kids? The answer is yes. Below is a list top 3 safe social networking sites that are designed specifically for children.

Club Penguin

This social networking site is owned by Disney and it is designed to be used by children aged between 6 and 14.This social site allows children to interact using penguin avatars in a moderate and safe atmosphere where kids can decorate their igloos, play games and make friends with other kids around the world. Parents are allowed to choose whether to allow their kids to access the site’s standard safe chart in which kids can exchange message with one another (filters are set up to detect any personal information or abusive words) or whether to restrict their kids to use the ultimate safe chart menu, which only allows communication through sets of predefined emoticons and phrases. Parents can also set a time limit on how long they may want their kids to stay logged on the social site. This site offers both paid and free accounts and doesn’t have third party advertising.


Yoursphere is one of the safest social site for kids. This site requires parents to submit to a background check for verification of identity before activating their child’s account. The site was designed to be used by kids under 13 years and it includes a virtual world, games and a credit system where users are rewarded for positive interaction in the community. Strict membership rules apply to prevent any misconduct and all signups are vetted before being registered.

Franktown Rocks!

This highly regarded site was created to be used by kids between 8 and 12 years old. It is the only site that has created a soft spot where kids can listen to music, but all songs must be pre -screened by parents first. This site is also loaded with videos, games and a virtual world that kids can explore. Parents can set a time limit on how long they want their kids to stay logged in on the site.

In conclusion, when it comes to social networking, it is really hard to balance between keeping children safe and allowing them to have fun. If a site is not fun, no kid will use it no matter how safe it is. The best trick is to find a social networking site that is age-appropriate, safe and fun.

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