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Top 5 Educational IOS Apps For Children

6330750With the boom in technology, learning has been made easier. Things have turned from the pure theory to the real and experienced. The impact of technology in many fields has seen the current generation learn new things easily than in earlier times. Children don’t really need to go to class in order to learn. Developments in both education and technology have led to the development and creation of IOS apps to spice up the learning process. There are numerous programs out there that were created with educational materials for children. If your children have access to a tablet, then it is advisable for you to get these educational apps for them. Click on the app name to visit the app on the Apple Store.

This is my body – Anatomy for Kids (US$1.99, Rated 4+, AppStore User Rating: 3)
Every kid wants to understand something about their body. This app was created to offer the required anatomy facts to teach children in a simple and funny way. Nearly everyone takes body science to be difficult, but with this app, that will be long gone. It has unique sets that allow children to directly view details of the human body system.

Multiplication blocks (US$1.99, Rated 4+, AppStore User Rating: 5)
It is a new app in the market which seeks to simplify multiplication. The game is simple; a number drops down from the top of the screen. The kid has to quickly think of two numbers that when multiplied, they give the dropping value before it reaches the bottom. From one level to another, there is increase in speed while the kid is rewarded with medals.

Piiig Labs (US$2.99, Rated 4+, AppStore User Rating: 4, AppStore User Rating: 4)
It is a creatively designed app that simplifies science. It is one of the must-have children apps in the market right now. Kids are encouraged to use their imaginative ability and logic reasoning to carry out various science experiments. It comes with simple projects and instructions best suited for kids to follow. Additionally, it has an interactive interface that keeps children excited and willing to continue.

Love, the app (US$4.99, Rated 4+, No AppStore User Rating)
Is your child getting tired of reading story books? If yes, you must get this app. It is an endearing ebook that tells an interesting story compiled with music, with digital pages being flipped to excite both the young and the old.

Letters withTeddy Bear (US$0.99, Rated 4+, AppStore User Rating: 5)
The best way to teach your child is by having fun. This educational app enables kids to master the name, appearance and addresses of places and things. Its interactive nature makes it very nice for kids. Additionally, the sound and music helps set the pace and plot of the story with little description.

Finally, helping kids in the learning process has changed with the advancement in technology. Parents can now easily purchase and download IOS apps to help them entertain and educate their children.

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