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Do Parents Even Care About Their Child’s School?

Posted by on Feb 6, 2014 in | 0 comments

Today we’re asking the tough questions… Do you really care about your child’s school? Do you care what choices or decisions they make? Are you an active member of the school community Do you go to school functions or events? What would make you get involved more? Add your comments below…  

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Classroom Noise Has Been Identified as a Contributor to Australian Students’ Poor Performance

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in | 0 comments

Australian education experts and observers have noticed decreasing levels of literacy and numeracy amongst students. Australian students attribute this to the high levels of noise and disruption in their classrooms, the rates of which are worse than those recorded in Britain or the United States. What Is The Problem? An international study carried out on Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries found a downward trend in Australian education. The study involved the assessment of 15 year-olds on maths, science and reading and found that a fifth of students failed to meet the set international standard proficiency level in maths while 14 per cent could not meet the minimum standard set for reading. Last year’s Program for International Student Assessment demonstrated high levels of disruption and truancy in high schools in Australia, with 43 per cent of students confirming disorder and noise in their classrooms. This figure was higher than the OECD average (32 per cent). It was also noted to be higher than that of Britain (32 per cent), United States (30 per cent) and Shanghai, China (16 per cent). Disruptive Classroom Behaviours Australian students are concerned about several classroom behaviours they reported caused disruption in their learning More Info »

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Talking To Your Toddler Will Help Him Develop Faster

Posted by on Jan 15, 2014 in | 0 comments

According to a research from Stanford, at the age of two, a child raised in a poor household is already six months behind another child from a wealthy household in terms of language development. Children in wealthier homes learned 30 percent more words between 18 and 24 months of age. Research shows that this age is crucial for development. The children who heard more words were able to perceive and identify things faster. They were also better prepared when they entered school. Many theories try to explain this difference: poor nutrition, lead poisoning, stress hormones, and so on. But a simpler theory is now more accepted by experts: poor children simply don’t hear as many words during these critical early years. Some studies suggest that differences in amounts of talking at home account for all of the variance in later IQ scores, and entirely negate any contribution from income. In poor or working class families, parents tend to spend more time trying to make ends meet than talking to their children. As a result, their children hear fewer words than children from wealthy families, where parents have ample time to talk to their children. Whilst income indirectly affects the language development More Info »

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Australian School Holidays 2014

Posted by on Jan 10, 2014 in | 0 comments

Whether you’re a parent or an educator, it’s important to be updated about school term dates so you can plan events within and around these dates. The Australian school holidays are listed per state per term below. You should confirm with schools directly about specific dates, including pupil-free days. State Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Australian Capital Territory 31 January to 11 April 28 April to 4 July 21 July to 26 September 13 October to 17 December New South Wales 28 January to 11 April 28 April to 27 June 14 July to 19 September 7 October to 19 December Northern Territory 24 January to 4 April 14 April to 20 June 21 July to 26 September 6 October to 11 December Queensland 28 January to 4 April 22 April to 27 June 14 July to 19 September 7 October to 12 December South Australia 28 January to 11 April 28 April to 4 July 21 July to 26 September 13 October to 12 December Tasmania 5 February to 17 April 5 May to 4 July 21 July to 26 September 13 October to 18 December Victoria 28 January to 4 April 22 April to 27 More Info »

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Bullying Cases in Australian Schools: Learn What the Experts Are Saying About It

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in | 0 comments

At any given time, almost every child will experience bullying in school. However, when a child can’t take it anymore, it affects them to an extent that they begin to hate school. They freeze every time they hear the word ”school” being mentioned. Here’s a case where a mother moved her 15-year old daughter interstate. Reason being, she was repeatedly bullied. Her mother blamed the school authorities for failing to stop verbal abuse, name-calling and other threats directed towards her daughter at the time when she was attending Fremont-Elizabeth City High School. But the Education Department blamed the parents because they say much of the incident was escalated through Facebook. The Education Department alleged that they didn’t bother to block the abusers, and instead, tolerated them. Now, Sandra (not her real name) had no choice but to move her daughter to Western Victoria. Sandra was quoted saying that she had confidence in the school system, but that was shattered by the fact that authorities couldn’t take action on their side. She said that bullying escalated over time and it reached a point when they could not take it anymore. Her daughter was called all sorts of names, and Facebook became More Info »

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What Makes Children Smarter?

Posted by on Jan 5, 2014 in | 0 comments

It’s a known fact that good diet, enough exercise, protection from environmental toxins and genetics all work hand in hand to develop a child’s IQ. But is there anything else you can do to boost this special kind of intelligence in children? How does your child’s brain develop? Their brains grow exponentially from birth to when they are around 4. The brain continues to restructure and organise itself such that it becomes complex as the child grows. Because most parents are aware that their child’s brains are developing at a faster rate, it prompts them to panic about their child’s IQ, to an extent that they take them to ”prime preschools”. Many parents believe that if their young ones learn fast enough, they’ll remain accelerated. However, what they don’t know is that children learn best at their natural pace. The early years of a child’s brain development matters because lower circuits must be built before higher circuits. In other words, advanced skills must only be built upon basic skills. Emotion drives learning One of the fundamentals often emphasised during the early stages of developing basic skills is how the child relates to the parent or the caregiver. Attachment is critical More Info »

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A Guide to Screencasting as an Educational Tool

Posted by on Nov 17, 2013 in | 0 comments

Tutorial videos made by screencasting has been very popular for quite some time as many teachers find it a convenient means of explaining any information. However, the information to be explained to your students needs to be presented in a formal way that brings out clarity. The following points will give proper guidelines to help you screencast like an expert. Prepare Comprehensively Once you have an idea, spend some time to think of how to explain the solution. It can either be step-by-step or it can explain the solution directly without a lot of explanation. A good pre-work keeps a clear head when recording since the process of explanation is well set. There are no unexpected circumstances or re-tracking back your explanation. Possibly, you may write a script and summarise your idea down. Importance of Audio Narration explanation is incredibly effective over a general full text description. Despite the inclusion of text boxes and callouts, people often get tired of reading lines of text, thus, you should prepare a microphone for desktop recording. This saves a lot of time, and people get more information whilst listening compared to reading subtitles. Practice Run through the script thoroughly more than once or More Info »

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